Welcome to Outside Ministry, Inc. Founded in 2005 by Apostle Sheraton and Minister Gail, Outside Ministry, Inc. has come a long way from its beginnings in Mississippi. When Apostle Walls first started out, his passion for the saving of lost souls was the beginning of our ministry. 

After losing everything in the storm of Hurricane Katrina, the Lord instructed us to go to Wilmington, NC. Everything was in place for us to travel without having to be concerned about how we would get there. Hotel rooms, meals, gas money, and a place to live once we got there were all prearranged by the Lord. A big-hearted couple heard about us and offered a home they had, up for sale at the time, with all expenses paid. 

The Lord has blessed us to experience His goodness in so many ways. Hundreds of souls have given their hearts to Jesus, and many have been delivered from unclean spirits. We have experienced for ourselves, instant healings in our body and others have testified of being healed of foot problems, infections, cancer, degenerative bone disease, and other ailments.

Outside Ministry is an “outreach” ministry where we have spent many years visiting adult day care facilities, nursing homes, the Salvation Army, and ministering on the streets. Outside Ministry has provided shelter, food, college tuition for underprivileged children, and clothing to many of the homeless people in our community. We love what we do and how the Lord uses us for His glory for His Kingdom.

Peace be multiplied to you and yours,

Apostle Sheraton and Minister Gail Walls