The Glory Blanket

The Glory Blanket

My people are scattered, my people are scattered. But in this season, I am causing people to connect and work together. You are like different rags that serve one purpose. However, I am bringing all the rags together to intertwine and connect with each other as a quilt. All the pieces of the puzzle were scattered, but I am slowly putting one piece and one body together for my Glory. 

Some of you play a very strong role prophetically. Your spirit is different and finds the place you are in, a new place, a new season, a peculiar place, the anointing on your life has been proven and find that your seeing clearer, prophetically, stan strong, what I reveal to you. Not all that are prophetic will be able to hang on to the vision you see.

In the center of this stands a prophet. Quilts are many regions of the earth, that will assist me to bring it all together. These prophets are like water holes. In this season, draw from His prophets. But the coming together of the pieces is for the glory of God! it is for the Glory of God! It is for the Glory of God! I AM causing you to connect with different churches and different giftings from all around the earth. 

Love one another and be humble in this hour. For there is a Glory blanket anointing covering His people. It is coming together so that the work can get done, the Father will be edified and glorified. There is a glory blanket preparing to cover the earth for the saving of souls and the work needed to be done.

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